• The Circle of Linear Algebra is posted here. Please try to familiarize yourself with traversing it, especially in regards to the various definitions we have been learning.

  • A solution to problem 1.5.27 is posted here.

  • A template with the expected formatting for all of your MATLAB assignments can be found here.

  • The first meeting for our discussion section will be Thursday, January 26. Please come prepared with questions on the material you have covered in your homework and during lecture.


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Some External Resources

Can one learn mathematics by reading it? I am inclined to say no. Reading has an edge over listening because reading is more active -- but not much. Reading with pencil and paper on the side is very much better -- it is a big step in the right direction. The very best way to read a book, however, with, to be sure, pencil and paper on the side, is to keep the pencil busy on the paper and throw the book away.

- Halmos, from The Problem of Learning to Teach

A good deal of your time should be spent with the textbook. See the following article for a gentle introduction to reading mathematical works:

Another useful skill as a learner is to look to many different sources of information on a given topic. It is possible, in fact probable, that you will understand a presentation of the material covered in the class better from someone who is not myself, the lecturer, or the textbook. For some places to start, check the videos and problems at the Khan Academy and the video lectures at MIT OpenCourseware: