Reading wasserman

I intentionally didn't capitalize Wasserman's name in the title of this post. Why? Because I've been reading a lot of writing by him lately (see, for instance here, where he misspells 'hear' as 'here' at one point), and I have noticed that they have a lot of typos. I've also found several typos in his text All of Statistics (and even made it into his the acknowledgements for his errata of the second edition for noticing where he misspelled Mahalanobis).

My point isn't to critique his spelling. Actually, my point is the opposite of that. Wasserman is a brilliant statistician. And he has better things to do than proofread all of his blog posts / textbooks for trivial mistakes like these. He's too busy, you know, doing amazing statistics. That's a good indication of what I should be doing if I want to become even an slightly-above-average scientist. Push out more material. Write more. Formulate more ideas. Spelling mistakes be damned.

Which is the long winded explanation for why I didn't capitalize Wasserman's name in the title for this post.

All of that said, if you have any interest in mathematics, statistics, machine learning, or just generally cool stuff, you should check out Wasserman's blog at Normal Deviate. (Great pun!)